How to Buy a Firearm Online

Buying a Firearm Online

At Mr. Big Guns we have done our best to make your online firearms purchase as easy as possible. Please take a moment to read the steps outlined below. We want you to know exactly how this process will take place step by step. Keep in mind that all serialized items will ship only to licensed dealers. Make sure you have a valid state or government issued photo ID with current address before making any purchases.


Place the desired items in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout phase of your purchase. During checkout you will be prompted to select an FFL to accept delivery of your serialized purchases. Use the FFL finder we have provided to locate a dealer near you. Please make sure you have contacted the FFL dealer prior to your purchase. Contacting the dealer prior to the purchase will help prevent any miscommunications and ultimately speed up the delivery process. Receiving dealers will charge a fee for this service and that fee is not included in our price.


Our job starts immediately after you have placed your order. Depending on the order volume at any given time, this can be arduous. It is our goal to have your order processed, boxed and headed your direction within 1 business day. Please keep in mind that Mr. Big Guns does not have control over everything. Weather events can cause shipping delays. Current and political events can cause panic buying frenzies. Regardless the situation, rest assured that Mr. Big Guns is working hard to get your order out as fast as we can.

Pick Up

Be prepared to pick up your items before they arrive. Call your dealer and ask them what you need to bring. In most cases, a valid driver’s license issued from your state of residence, with current address, will be all you need. This is also a good time to work out any special circumstances with your dealer. This would apply to active duty members of the Armed Forces or green card holders.