Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why was I charged two separate shipping fees?

If your order contains serialized and non-serialized products, you will be charged for two separate shipments because the products will be shipped to different locations. All serialized products must be shipped to a licensed dealer. All non-serialized products will be shipped directly to the online purchaser. In an effort to minimize fraud and protect all parties we will not combine non-serialized products with serialized products. Why? Because things can get lost or magically disappear. We want your experience to be the very best and we feel this is the best way to provide that to our customers.

2. Why was my order cancelled?

There could be several reasons why. Our system is set up to “Fill or Kill”. That means if we cannot “Fill” your order fully, we will “Kill” your order. Nobody wants a scope without the rifle to put it on. The moment we realize we cannot fill your order fully, we will reach out to you to see how you want to proceed. If you see the order has been killed and you haven’t heard from us, give us a call.

There may have been a problem processing your payment. If your order was cancelled for this reason, know that Mr. Big Guns had your back, we were trying to prevent fraud.

3. My spouse found out I bought another gun, how do I return it?

You can’t, you will have to figure out how to make them happy again on your own

4. How do I return my order?

All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee and require a return authorization. Customers are required to call Mr. Big Guns to obtain the return authorization. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. If the items are being returned because of a mistake on our part, we will waive the restocking fee and pay for return shipping. Firearms or other serialized components cannot be returned.

5. My firearm was damaged during shipping, what now?

Do Not, under any circumstance, continue with the transfer. Always inspect the firearm prior to taking ownership of it. Take photos of the package, shipping label and the damage to the firearm. File a damage claim with the shipping company (Fed Ex, USPS, UPS etc). While it is not Mr. Big Guns fault, we will do everything we can to assist you with your shipping damage claims. Hopefully you added shipping insurance to your order.